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how to play padel game

How to play padel?

Are you a beginner and want to start playing paddle tennis, Paddle tennis is a new sport that is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Paddle tennis is a sport similar to tennis, but is played with a paddle instead of a tennis racket. It is played by two teams of up to […]

person holding black and green tennis racket

Best Padel Players in the World

What do you think makes a great padel player? Is it the ability to jump high and kick the ball far, or maybe it’s the power to defend against your opponents and knock the ball away? Either way, there are some really incredible padel players out there who would make any other player envious. Take […]

How to improve padel tactics

It’s always difficult to know what to do when improving any skill, but in particular padel tactics it can be especially tough. Too many options lead to confusion, and not enough options leave you feeling like you’re missing something crucial. If you’re looking for ideas how to improve your padel tactics, here are a few […]

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