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4on TotalSpin

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Get an incredible effect for your game. TotalSpin is a pack to make your own rough surface in the racket.

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TotalSpin is a package for you who want to apply your own sandpaper surface to your racket and enhance your spin game. The rough surface will generate more spin when hitting the ball and make it much more difficult for your opponents. TotalSpin will create a completely new feel and control to your game.

The carbon fiber sand that is applied will affect the original weight of the racket.

TotalSpin is produced and developed in Sweden in collaboration with Patric Persson.

The package consists of

  • Lacquer 100ml
  • Carbon fiber sand 30g
  • Cloth

One package consists of about 18 applications
An applied surface has a durability between 90-270 minutes of play depending on the racket’s original surface and the amount of lacquer applied.
If you want longer durability, we recommend increasing the amount of lacquing or applying another layer.

The product is applied on its own initiative, manufacturers or retailers do not guarantee the quality and properties of the ordinary rack.

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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 in

4on TotalSpin

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